Kelvin is an artist and photographer centered out of Belgium. He started his journey at the age of 18 and has found that his passions lie in: fine art, fashion, and portraiture. Kelvin loves to travel the world and allows his worldly experiences to influence his art style. He enjoys artistic staging, plays with dynamic colors, and more specifically, he enjoys taking biblical, mythological, and historical references and recreating them in a modern light. Kelvin isn’t afraid to break the routine and is quick to improvise when needed. With his rich background in art and photography, his desire to try out new styles, and his experiences from his travels--Kelvin strives to create meaningful and unique artwork that illustrates his own perception of the world.

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Les œuvres exposées sur le site internet de l’artiste, sont à vendre. Infos et liste de prix sur simple demande .



  • Libramont: Libr'art


  • Born to be a slave : Bruxelle


  • La Boverie: En piste ! "Long live the King"
  • Galerie satellite: Ne jugez pas un livre à ça couverture

Article & Magazine

  • Eyeem
  • Afropunk 
  • Format Magazine
  • British photography journal 1854
  • Quatremille Magazine 
  • Make a good x Ello Hype
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  • Vsco: Black live matter

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